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Coxy's Kent Liqueurs from Mighty Fine Things

Not your usual
'Sometimes things just feel like the right thing to do and all the right ingredients are there..'
This is how flavour makers Katy and Rob felt when they decided to create Coxy's Kent Liqueurs.
This perfect combination can be seen in their range of amazing flavours from such delights as Raspberry & Rose or Plum & Cardamom to Strawberry & Chilli and Lavender Gin.
This desire to shake off the dusty 'back of the cabinet' image of liqueurs teamed with the unusual flavour combinations lead us to create the brand message 'Not your usual'. The brand mascot - a combination of the famous white horse of Kent and their pet dog Minstrel's head, plays with the idea of the unexpected mix and something that is definitely 'Not your usual'.



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What the client said
Sand Creative have been a pleasure to work with. Pushing our boundaries when we've needed it, being patient when we've needed it and taking on board our story and interpreting it in a way that has taken our brand and packaging to another level and which has really made our product stand out.  We can't wait to work with Sean again!
Katy Newton - Mighty fine things - Coxy's
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