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Dead Good 4.0%
Inspired by the Whitstable based Dead horse morris dancers, the bottle features the morris's troops' horse head.
In the past dancers used to black out their faces to disguise themselves as it was once illegal - and as they proclaimed themselves - 'some think it still should be'.
This ale is distributed to on draught to pubs around Kent and also available bottled in the off licenses.
What is a dead horse?
Dead horse is navy slang for work that has been paid in advance. Sailors would often be paid a month in advance to buy clothes required for a trip, although often this would be spent on drink or other vices.
Working a dead horse therefore referred to working for a month with no pay other than food. This food would be the infamous "salt house and biscuit".

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What the client said
'The pump clips and bottle labels for Dead Good arrived and they looked amazing!!
Thank you so much for your great work, they are really great!!
Karen Goody - Owner of Goody Ales



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