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Goody Ales


Sand Creative Goody Ales range shot
Congratulations to Goody Ales
Good Health - Winner of the best Kentish beer 2015
Answering the prayers of Ale drinkers everywhere
"The Goody Ales brand is inspired by the brewery owners, Karen and Peter Goody. The theme of heaven and everything biblical
is to be found on all points of communication from the  Goody Ales Ten commandments to the brewery bar, christened the cathedral.
The previous packaging had started to communicate this theme but the range was unclear and individual packs lacked personality.
We introduced an architecture church-like arches, so each pack had a view through to a different scene and communicated each Ales story in a more engaging way.
Sand Creative Goody ales range
Sand creative Goody ales The Beast
Sand Creative Goody Ales The Beast

The Beast - Goody Ales wood-burner

Goody Ales' wood burning stove is nicknamed 'The Beast'. It heats the water for brewing in an eco friendly way. We illustrated 'The Beast' and placed it at the base of the label to represent hell.
Sand creative Mark Hodgson
Goody ales brewery
Sand Creative Beer Loves food Goody Ales
Goody Ales' often opens the brewery for various event filled days or evenings. This one for example is a talk by Julian Herrington,
where he discusses why 'Food loves Beer.'
Goody ales singers
Sand Creative Goody Ales close range
Goody Ales The cathedral bar
Sand Creative Goody ales bonfire
Sand Creative Goody ales bonfire sparkler
The brewery is very popular when it opens its doors most full moons evenings. The above was November 2015 on bonfire night
5 Major East kent breweries join forces each year and lay on coaches to transport ale lovers between each other.
What the client said
'Sean at Sand Creative has re-designed our brand and created an impressive new look for our company.
He is a charming, friendly professional who has a positive attitude to all aspects of his work. His bottle label and pump clip designs are loved by our customers and admired by or competitors. We are now intending that he takes over all design work for us'
Karen Goody - Owner of Goody Ales



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