The way we work

1. First meeting

We will sit down and talk with you, about your ideas and the dreams you have for your brand. We find out about its' history, its' quirks, anything to really get to what your product is all about.

We look to play down or remove the generic elements that could make you look the same as everyone else, and find our way to a really interesting, unique story that can inform the initial brief.


We'll then discuss budget and timelines and stick to them.

2. Design Concepts
3. Development

It all starts with a blank sheet of paper, a blue pencil and plenty of research around your brand. We'll review the competitors, and how your brand can stand apart and tell your story, based on the brief we have written.

We'll present back a range of conceptual areas and ideas that really push the brief.

We'll take the preferred route and do any necessary developments before we proceed to finalise the design. We love illustration and typography so we can either do this in house or suggest some of our collaborators.

Sand Creative redesign brand identity, packaging design , logo , illustration in kent
4. Finalistation

At this point we will have the final design.

We'll continue to really craft all of the elements at this stage, refining the typography, producing final illustrations and all information in place ready for artwork.

We liase with suppliers and manufacturers to get the best and most appropriate finish for your new design -  within your budget.

5. Artwork & Production

Once designs are chosen and all aspects are covered we can prepare your amazing designs for print.

We'll get test prints of your design and keep a close eye on the whole process to make sure you are 100% happy with your final product.

All files will be kept safe for future print runs or tweaks if required.

6. Brand Management

After this process we will have established a set of brand identity and design principles that we can manage across all off pack communication. From items such as printed material to the creative direction of websites.

Sand Creative brand identity & packaging design , illustration , logo
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Sand Creative brand identity and packaging design
Sand Creative brand identity and packaging design
Sand Creative brand identity and packaging design