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All that remains
Reliquum is a London dry gin blended with tree-ripened fruits.
G.H. Thompson's grow fruit on their farm to sell to supermarkets. Inevitably though some fruit is too small, too big or the wrong shape to make it to the table. It is this tree ripened fruit which is perfect for Reliquum.
The fruit is carefully selected to see which varieties deliver the very best flavour. The fruit is then left to naturally ripen on the tree to allow the sunshine to develop the fullest flavour.
The name Reliquum is of latin origin and means, remaining. The slogan 'All that remains' was also created.
The illustrated branch bearing the last plump fruits wraps around the screen printed bottle. The illustration shows through the bottle to add depth to the tree. Along the side of a bottle is a hand applied strip in the style of a tree tag.
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