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A little bit of something left over.

A 'Cotchel' is market trader slang for 'a little bit of something left over'.


As a family run business G.H.Thompson's have been growing fruit and veg for markets, greengrocers and restaurants since 1948.

Cotchel juice is made from fruit that cannot be sold and would otherwise go to waste. The aim is to give a new lease of life to fruit which is too big, too small or too ugly. So instead of letting the unwanted fruit on the farm be wasted, they decided to turn it in to something delicious


It doesn't get better than fruit grown and made into juices by the people that know it best - the growers. We communicated the idea of the 'Cotchel' being delivered straight to the consumer from the growers. Sharing with us 'a little bit of something left over', but with big flavours.


As the family business was established in 1948, the illustration was styled in a post war woodcut style and the growers were dressed accordingly.



"A fantastic producer - beautiful juice, each variety distinct, delicious, unique."

  Michel Roux Jr.


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