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Curd & Cure

An artisan approach to distribution

Established in 1988, Curd & Cure are an independent, food wholesale company based in Kent.


Fine food is their passion and with over 30 years of experience and strong relationships built they have a very strong network of suppliers both big and small which enables them to source products in a very timely manner.

With their national distribution they are able to offer more than 1,400 artisan deli, farm shop and foodservice products to customers throughout the UK, next day.

We created a very bold but simple graphic identity that gets to the heart of what Curd and Cure offer. Sourcing the best Artisan products to cut slice and dice and deliver to 1000's of delis. The variety of shapes loosely represent a range of products that Curd & Cure deal with.

The Logo itself contains features the ampersand encased in two C's representing not only Curd & Cure but the relationship between the Customer and Curd & Cure. It's also a circle sliced in two.

The identity has been taken across brochures, banners, building signage and office artwork


As well as developing the packaging for their own range of sausages we also developed the packaging for their range of Deli Tubs that contain a wide variety of delicious products from Guacamole to Smoked mixed olives.

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