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Sommer Aperitif

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Made for the spritz

Welcome to a refreshingly fruity twist on the bittersweet aperitif.
Aperitifs come in various forms, catering to different tastes and preferences. Rhubarb & Raspberry Sommer offers a distinctively fruity take on the classic bittersweet Aperitifs.
Beyond stimulating the appetite, aperitifs provide a multi-sensory experience, inviting you to slow down, unwind, and engage in conversation. Savouring an aperitif allows you to appreciate the intricate flavours, fragrances, and the aesthetic pleasure of the drink itself.
With an elegantly low ABV, Sommer pairs perfectly with the spritz cocktail (three parts prosecco, two parts Sommer, one part soda) and suits any occasion – from a leisurely lunch on the terrace to post-work gatherings and beyond. Just gather good friends, cue up great tunes, and let the experience unfold.

Founding craftsmen, Rich & Dan, are lifelong friends from Yorkshire. 'Our shared passion for the bittersweet aperitif led us to create a range for individuals like us – those who appreciate high-quality drinks and enjoy them with good company.'

Created by Sand Creative, the elegant packaging and brand identity of this exquisite aperitif draw inspiration from enchanting garden terraces – the perfect setting to enjoy Sommer with friends. The elegant Sommer logo has subtle hints of garden foliage and features a glossy high build varnish. Above the logo, a delicately foiled fountain features an overflowing glass, symbolising positivity and abundance. A detailed illustration, subtly blind embossed in the background, intertwines foliage with Rhubarb & Raspberries, accompanied by a white Yorkshire rose and other plants. The foot label describes the flavour and serves as a reminder that Sommer was “made by friends for friends."
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